St.Mary’s tamil maha vidyalayam past pupils association was inaugurated in 1989 july.this association is created to support the school with educational programs, extra curricular activities and include arranging get together events, cultural events to celebrate religions ceremonies 

We are proud to have many of members in top level positions and we hope the new generation of student to achieve the same high quality of ranking in the society 

The association makes a significant contribution to the progress of the school and past pupils in many positive ways. Many past pupils have given their time talents and finances. they have assisted the school in numerous ways through the strength of the groups. The association records all these contributions with sincere gratitude. 

in our association’s president, details as follows

M.T.D Jesudasan 1989-1990
V. Christoper 1990-1991
R .T Douglas 1991-1992
J. Jacob 1992-2005
S. Beatrice 2005-2009
Charls 2009-2012
J.Jacob 2012-2020